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"It's called a Jessica 3000," he replied nonchalantly.. "If you push the forward button with the spit already up. Now, I want you to promise you'll roast and eat me when it.
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Soan said pointing to the device, "That is a Jessica 3000 spitting machine, use to spit an unwilling. drive the spit into Ranma spitting him for a second time, " Spit roasted.
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The Jessica 3999 is a machine for spiting and gutting a female (sow) that is. Jessica 3000 spit roast
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... strapped helplessly upon a Jessica 3000 impalement machine.. the person who intended to impale me and then roast. Dmitri continued, "Once activated the J- 3000's impalement spit.
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Beautiful Jo Guest receives a very unusual gift: a Jessica 3000. women try to impale each other on a double-ended spit.. to decide if she should let herself be spitted and roasted.
Story: #19. Jessica's Capture - Part 5.
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Jessica is in the locked & loaded mode. Latches and straps are. Jessica 3000, appliance, spit, roast, meat, Dolcett
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... spit that she knew was the anal bayonet shoot out of the Jessica 3000 attached to the larger spit. tightly to the spit, seeing that Stacey was now ready to roast "Call the spit.